This story starts on the prairie. Not Laura Ingles Wilder style precisely, but in a nice little subdivision in North East Kansas. I grew up in a family of comedian storytellers. None professionally so, but every family gathering ended with side splitting stories from everybody. I stayed close to home and got a Bachelor's Degree in Acting, and a Master's Degree in Directing. I seriously picked up a camera in college, and began the long and arduous task of teaching myself how it worked. I was in the theatre department, and I needed subjects. Ipso facto, I shot a lot of actor headshots...and so it's been since 2009.

After grad school I moved to NYC. I worked for a well known off-broadway theatre company as a carpenter, stagehand, and special effects technician, and on the side I studied the moves of the greats like Peter Hurley. I honed my eye, and kept shooting a lot of headshots.  

In 2016 I left NYC. I packed up my car and followed the call of 'Manifest Destiny.' 3000 miles later I set up shop in Los Angeles. I'm still here! I'm still shooting a lot of headshots. And now, I'm also producing documentary television, I'm directing original material, and I'm still swinging a hammer if the situation calls for it. 

I'm a big fan of my bourbon neat, dungeons and dragons, audiobooks, and my things stranger. That's me. Get at me. Let's Shoot.



It breaks my heart to hear actors talk about how stressful Headshots sessions are. Part of that is because they are so damn expensive? I keep my sessions affordable, and you reap the hell out of the benefits. I strive to provide an affordable, easygoing, high energy, too many laughs photo session. We can't get something great if you're worried about getting it!

Come on over, we'll shoot in the studio. Or go play in the California sunshine, OR both! It really depends what you want! During your session, we'll take a few breathers, and take a look at the stuff we're getting on the big screen, This allows us to make micro adjustments, and shows you the stuff you're going to walk away with. I pride myself on keeping my sessions fun, affordable, energetic, and way more than satisfactory. I offer packages to satisfy any budget, as well as group discounts, referral rates, and quick sessions. There's always music, iced coffee, and self deprecating stories. It's a blast!

Give me a yell, and let's get your session scheduled!