I’m a Kansan, turned New Yorker, turned Left Coaster with a Masters Degree in Directing, pockets full of sawdust, and no less than 3 strips of gaff tape attached to me at all times.  


I cut my teeth on the stage, playing an eclectic range of characters including the ancient, blind prophet Tiresias in Antigone, Claudius in Hamlet, and the fast talking Yvan in Art. Started training at 16, studying short form improv. Moving quickly into sketch and long form improvisation. More recently I studied Viewpoints Technique, along with advanced Shakespeare, both from a literary standpoint and in performance capacity.

I moved to NYC after grad school where he worked closely with MCC Theatre, and found a likeminded group of people to create with. It was with this new tribe I became a co-creator of the SAG-New Media webseries Making It, in which I played the "lovable" albeit idiotic Daniel. This project lit a fire and I went on to write, direct and star, opposite Sarah Unruh, in the short film Home

At the beginning of 2016 I made the 3000 mile trek across the country to Los Angeles. Shortly after my arrival I was cast in Rubicon Theatre's American premier of The Man who Shot Liberty Valance  in Ventura, CA.